Trekking in Pakistan K2 Base Camp Trek to Gondogoro La Trek

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Trekking in Pakistan  K2 Base Camp Trek to Gondogoro La Trek


Trekking in Pakistan From K2 to Concordia Trek

Trekking is very difficult task but best trekking companies in pakistan make your trekking journey more save and wonderful. Hunza guides Pakistsn arrange trekking tours from k2 base camp trek to concordia gondogoro la trek. Trekking has initially introduced by Dutch settlers in South Africa & the word means “long, hard tour”. Basically, it is an activity particularly made on foot. Though most of the people termed trekking, as mountaineering journey.But actually Trekking is not hillwalking; it usually covers altitudes between 500 to 3000 meters and has a well-built route through the hills, mountains, and the villages. Everybody who has a passion for adventure must go trekking! Conversely, trekking is framed as "walking through a well-built track”.

Initially, some trekkers thought that trekking was quite tough, as the trails have not well developed and there was an extended way to go which demands laborious efforts. But now routes are formulated by latest terminologies, which can ease trekkers. Well yes, if trekker is a regular walker and often hikes 10-15 km per day. In such cases, trekking can be truly adventurous and fun enjoying the majestic views & Panoramas.

Why Pakistan is famous for trekking?

Geographically, Pakistan has blessed with countless beauty from Karachi to khunjarab including the mightiest mountain ranges the Karakorum,Himalaya & Hindu-kush. Pakistan is considered as climbers’ dreamland.Moreover, it is home to the world’s 2nd highest peak K2 as well as four of the world’s 14 apexes higher than 8000 meters. Concordia is the famous trek trail in the Karakoram mountain ranges, which gives captivatingviews. Moreover, there is a dense collection of highest peaks and there are 700 peaks with heights of about 6000m and more than 160 peaks with heights of 7000m.





The K2 Base Camp Trek covers an area of about 5,400m, which is theworld’s most emblematic trekking expeditions. Whereas, the Gondogoro La pass is a 5,585m high mountain pass situated on the south of K2 base camp with a distance of about 25km. From Gondogoro to Concordia, it takes 5 to 6 hours. Trekking SectorsTrekking in Pakistan draws most of the tourist’s attention. The government of Pakistan has nominated three trekking sectors namely Open, Restricted and Closed sectors. Meanwhile, foreigners may travel everywhere in the open sector without taking trek permits from Tourism Department. While trekking in the restricted zone, it is compulsory to have trekking permits from Tourism Department Islamabad with the experienced local tour operator. Now comes the closed zone, in this sector trekking isn’t permitted as the close zone covers the areas near the


Pak-Afghan border and Pak-India border.

K2 Base Camp Trekking K2 (8,611), the world’s second highest mountain that is located on the borderbetween China & Pakistan. It is considered to be the toughest mountains to mount in the world due to its intense weather, great heights and routes. Moreover,the K2 Base Camp offers blockbuster scenery to


the trekkers throughout the expedition to the Baltoro Glacier.



Gondogoro La Trekking Gondogoro La trek is known as the king of treks in Pakistan. Additionally, Gondogoro La links Baltoro region with Hushe valley,home to the delicate Laila peak (6,096m). La is a Balti word, which means mountain pass or a narrow gap between two mountains. However,the track is abrupt and it needs the use of rope to ascend & descend while crossing. So in this mode, this is beyond usual trekking.


Concordia Trekking Concordia is the name for the convergence of the mighty Baltoro Glacier. Concordia trail is famous worldwide for its captivating views. This route is vigorous & complicated, and those who are physically apt and expert can start this mission. Moreover, it comprises many streams & frosty glaciers. The trail lies in the specified restricted region and requires


permission from the Government of Pakistan.Trekking Trends in Pakistan K2 Base Camp & Gondogoro La Trek needs especial climbing skills to cross the path. While the K2 Base Camp & Concordia comprised of high altitudes that need slight technical skills.


Trekking is less trendy in Pakistan and mostly thousands of foreigners come from abroad to enjoy the unparalleled natural beauty & the North of Pakistan is always valued & appreciated by tourists. Trekkers arrive from all over the world to the worthy destination, mostly with local or international expedition teams.


Length of trekking varies from mountain to mountain. Time is taken in adventure depends on the duration of a trek and one trek completes within days, weeks and at least in months.



Hunza Guides Services whiz at the spectacular of mountain ranges: The Huge Himalayas, Karakorum & the Hindu Kush. In the countless list of Pakistan travel companies, Hunza Guides has trademarked. Hunza Guides comprise of a highly professional team of trekking masters who support & guide people of all the ages at every step. Additionally, providing quality services while taking extra pace to give tourists the best venture beyond imagination. We the team of Hunza Guides warmly welcome all the tourists especially trekkers to explore and relish the mightiest landscape of pretty pakistan.


The conclusion travel industry of Pakistan is playing a dynamic role in assisting trekkers. There are numerous tourism companies helping & guiding trekkers all over the globe. Travel Industry is predominantly facilitating local as well as International tourists. Industry widely offers a range of programs relating to adventure, delicate culture & particular tours throughout the country. Additionally, there is a highly proficient team to guide and motivate trekkers while mountaineering. In such ways, travel companies woo all the trekkers towards Pakistan.


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