Litigation or Mediation

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Litigation or Mediation


Would you go for litigation or mediation? In order to answer that; we must know what is litigation and mediation.


In simple English, litigation requires lawyers to fight for your case in the court. A person may not fight their own case without lawyers unless authorized by the court.
On the other hand, mediation is a mutually agreed upon discussion between the claimant and the defendant and a mediator.

Litigation Cost & Time

Litigation requires monetary and time investment. It is no doubt very high in cost. Let’s examine the cost associated with it.

  • Lawyer fee – direct cost
  • Documentation fee – direct cost
  • Court fee – direct cost
  • Transportation from and to the court – indirect cost
  • Time spent on each meeting with the lawyer – indirect cost
  • Time spent in the court – indirect cost
  • Gap between the court dates – indirect cost
  • Unknown factors

Mediation Cost & Time

Now, let us look at the mediation cost. Pakistan Online Dispute Resolution (PODR) goal is to conduct three day mediation. However, it can be increase depending on the complexity of the cases. What cost is associated with it? Let’s see.

  • Convincing time with the other party (defendant) to join the mediation. Usually defendants ignore mediation. However, keep in mind if someone is ignoring mediation then they arereally not being ethical and hidings facts. Mediation is all about communication – indirect cost
  • Non-interrupted Time to chat with the mediator – direct cost
  • Internet fee – direct cost
  • Interruption due to power outage or Internet outage – indirect cost

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