Car Wash Prep Equipment: Hand Prep or Online Application?

Posted By Supertasker on 01-04-2019 2:04 AM


It is a love-hate relationship. We love bugs when they drive customers to our washes and also hate them when they reject to leave the car without a fight. Like a sickness, if captured early they could be eradicated without too much difficulty. If left to fester, they will etch the clear coat leading to angst for both the car owner and the car wash agent.

Just before the boom of express-exterior washes, wash operators were divided into 2 camps: those who fully charged a premium for bug eradication, and those who included it in their wash as an expense of doing business.

Now, with prep labor eliminated from the wash process at most modern car wash services, bug and glitch removal has reentered the spotlight as a key differentiator to boost average tickets, improve customer loyalty, and in some cases, has arrived the whole cycle and reintroduced labor to the wash process. So which one is the best strategy for bugs? Well, this will depend. Let's have a look.

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