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When it comes to shopping online for industrial products, there is no other place better than Bloom. Whether you are looking for office supplies for your new setup or safety equipment for your workers or any kind of tools for any type of industrial goods for your industry,We...

Food Processing Machinery

20-01-2019 9:36 AM
Bloom Enterprises is proudly providing complete services for Food Processing Machinery & Complete plants , especially dealing in  Detergent processing line Spices processing line Sifter Vibrators Pet Food making machinery  rock salt... Read More

Gear Motor Drives

06-01-2019 1:47 PM
Buy Motor Drives from Bloom Enterprises Online now. Read More
Neodymium Magnets  Ceramic Ferrite Magnets  Different sizes and shapes are available  you can directly buy from our Online Store Here Bloom Eenterprises Read More

Insulation wool

01-01-2019 1:01 PM
Buy any of the following item From Our Online Store. Bloom Enterprises Read More

Brushing Services

16-12-2018 8:26 AM
361   When it comes to shopping online for industrial products, there is no other place better than Bloom. Whether you are looking for office supplies for your new setup or safety equipment for your workers or... Read More

Brusher & Washer ₨ 500000.00

09-02-2019 5:02 AM
DESCRIPTION Application For Brushing & showering any food material to remove unwanted particles. Specifications & Features: Length : 7’ Width : 4’ Height : 4’ Material : Stainless Steel L-316. Sheet Thickness :... Read More

Stainless Steel Square Tubs ₨ 55000.00

09-02-2019 4:53 AM
DESCRIPTION Specifications & Features : Stainless Steel L 316 grade. Sheet thickness 2mm. Measurement 3' x 3' x 8" . 2" x 1" Pipe is TIG welded all around the square for making it easy to carry. These Trays are TIG welded. Usage... Read More

Stainless Steel Storage Tank ₨ 240000.00

09-02-2019 4:37 AM
DESCRIPTION 2000 Litters capacity Stainless Steel L-316 made tank. Agitator present. 2hp gear motor drive. Tank is fully polished i.e Dull polish. We are professionals and can fabricate all kinds of vertical & horizontal tanks according... Read More

Homogenizer ₨ 450000.00

09-02-2019 4:22 AM
DESCRIPTION : Capacity : 1200 Litters/Hour Pressure : 2200psi Gauge : present Motor : 15 to 20HP Plunger : 3 Stage :Single process Machine is made in M.S Frame. The plunger pumps and homo head is of Food grade Stainless Steel.Visit our... Read More

Immersion Heater ₨ 11000.00

03-01-2019 1:34 PM
Buy Heaters Online now  Click Here Read More

Coil Heaters ₨ 9500.00

03-01-2019 1:28 PM
Buy any kind of Heater Online now. Click Here Read More

Cartridge Heaters ₨ 8000.00

03-01-2019 1:19 PM
Contact us directly or visit our Online Store to order heaters. Click Here Cartridge Heaters   Read More

Vibrator Screener ₨ 340000.00

20-01-2019 10:04 AM
Vibrator Screener Machine:   Description: The salt powder coming here on sifter (Vibrator) is in different particle sizes therefore it needs to be separated in 6 different sizes through this Sifter . In the sifter there are 6 mesh present on the... Read More

Ribbon Blender Mixer ₨ 580000.00

20-01-2019 9:50 AM
Ribbon Blender Mixer : Capacity: 500 kgs/ Batch Made in Stainless steel food grade.Available capacities :250kgs , 300 kg , 500 kgs , 1000 kgs . Visit the link to watch the video of machines... Read More

Mica Bend Heaters ₨ 14000.00

03-01-2019 1:43 PM
Buy Mica Bend Heaters Online now  Click Here Read More

Silicone Rubber Heater ₨ 6500.00

03-01-2019 1:39 PM
Buy Silicon Rubber Heaters Online  Click Here Read More

Ceramic Magnets ₨ 4500.00

01-01-2019 3:25 PM
Watch Ceramic Magnets shapes here  Click Here Read More

Neodymium Magnets ₨ 6000.00

01-01-2019 3:13 PM
View our some of our Magnets products here Bloom Enterprises     Read More

Rubber Rollers ₨ 7000.00

01-01-2019 2:40 PM
Order us online for Rubberizing Services on rollers Silicon Rubber Hard Rubberizing Thick Rubber RollersOrder Brushing Rollers Online    Horse hairsGoat HairsNylon Teflon Metals Wires (Brass,steel,Iron) Read More

Order Brushing Rollers Online ₨ 6500.00

01-01-2019 2:14 PM
Order Brushing Rollers Online no Click here to order Hairs/Wires avaiable  Hourse hairsGoat HairsNylon TeflonCarbon TeflonBrass wireIron wireSteel wireAluminum wire Other metals also on demand   Read More
Distance Measuring Wheel   Caster Wheels :   Welding Electrodes (Rods)... Read More

Insulaton Wool Glass wool Raw wool ₨ 5000.00

01-01-2019 1:15 PM
292   Buy industrial items online From Bloom... Read More


01-01-2019 2:02 PM
410 Read More
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