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Glass Polariscope PSV-202 displaying residual stress in real time

Posted By World-class Polariscope and Strain Viewer Manufacturer Suzhou PTC Optical Instrument on 15-06-2021 9:01 AM
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Polariscope for transparent Quartz, glass and plastic (Ref.PSV-202)

The Polariscope ( Ref.PSV-202) has been designed to observe and analyze the internal stress of transparent glass and plastic products .

Detecting object

1. transparent glass products with complex construction.

such as : penicillin bottle, ampoule , mobile phone cover, lighting tube, solar glass ,automobile glass,sapphire, glass container , glass handicraft  

2. transparent plastic samples

plastic bottle , cosmetic bottle , beverage bottle, plastic tray, plastic film

3. Crystaline material



Retardation of full-wave plate : 560nm 

Viewing field: 200mm*200mm

Measuring height :236mm

Overall size: 310*285*350mm

Voltage: 24VDC( with a AC/DC adaptor ) 

Light source: White fluorescent lamp


Price: ₨ 1200.00₨ 1300.00 7.69% Off

Total Saving on this item ₨ 100.00
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