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 The Polycom Group 700 is optimized for large meeting environments like classrooms and training rooms. The Polycom EagleEye III PTZ camera captures...
The PTZ Pro 2 Video Conferencing Camera from Logitech delivers premium optics and life-like video calls to create the experience of sitting together...
With premium industrial design and an Ultra-HD imaging system, Rally Camera tops the lineup of standalone video cameras from Logitech®. Packed with...
Polycom Studio is an easily manageable USB video soundbar with an intelligent camera and integrated soundbar. Polycom Studio is plug-and-play and...
Don’t just have a meeting. Experience a boardroom-quality performance. The Poly Studio X30 is an all-in-one video bar for huddles and small rooms....
Experience full board-room-quality audio, and knock-your-socks-off video, for mid-sized rooms. The Poly Studio X50 all-in-one video bar is radically...
Go big in your next presentation, even if your meeting room is small. The RealPresence® Group 310 video conferencing system makes it easy to use the...
Inspire collaboration and conversation wherever your team is sitting. The RealPresence® Group 500 video conferencing system brings dispersed team...
Zoom makes communication with prospects, employees, partners, and customers easier than ever. With Zoom’s high-quality video and audio...
"Acadamic Institute Management Solution (AIMS) is a secure cloud-based system that is designed bring operational efficiency and provide quickest...
Computer Xperts is the official Alibaba Global Partner in Pakistan who can provide you with all kinds of Alibaba services in Pakistan. We can...
eOffice is a completely integrated and affordable Office Management Solution targeted at Small to medium size business. This solution provides...
AboutAbout KHAN CITZ1. SEO, SMO2. Accountant of E-commerce 3. Graphic Designer4. Video & Motion Designer5. Desktop PC's6. Mobile Phone7. Laptops &...

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