Auraq Publications is one of the Pakistan’s well-functioning publishing house. Our aim is to facilitate writers in getting their words out there. Auraq Publications is more ‘author-centric’ irrespective from others. We believe in creativity of a writer that can contribute in upbringing and enriching the society. We provides a platform which gives them the space to grow and allows them to excel in their writing career.

Auraq Publications was founded in 2018 in the hope of contributing to Pakistan’s literature. The aim was to provide a convenient option to writers who dreamt of publishing their work as book but was always put down due to rejections from traditional publishers or didn’t get the quality services for what they have paid for. We also believe that any writer can become author as long as they have proper help and support from an established publishing organization.

Apart from Traditional Publishing, we also provide self-publishing services, Print-on-Demand (POD), editorial services and cover design, book printing, marketing and sales distribution. We don’t lead the writers, rather we work as a team side by side so the creativity doesn’t stop. We keep them in loop through various processes of publishing their book, guide them about their rights and royalties to make the things transparent. This spirit of Auraq has helped us to win the trust of writers and authors not just within the country but across the world.

We are open to publish books on different topics and genres hence we are accepting manuscripts as long as the writer knows what they are writing is worth publishing and has command over the topic.