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tax audit firms in islamabad

Posted By Escrow Consulting Bookkeeping Services in Islamabad Escrow Consulting Group on 12-06-2019 7:42 AM


Escrow Consulting Group helps you with Registration and computation submission of Taxes. Business services and outsourcing of accounting work is what you need to do. Escrow  Expert Tax Consultancy Services  We are not only an accounting firm for small business, but we also offer large scale business bookkeeping services as well.

Tax Consultancy Services Return submission

There is fixed date of tax return form submission. These forms are mostly submitted electronically. A VAT number along with an online VAT account is what you need. The VAT return can then be filed using the free service offered by HMRC. You can also opt for the commercial accounting software.

How to Get Online

For getting online, here’s all that you need:

  • A VAT number
  • An online account to register for VAT.
  • An online account for signing up for an online account and VAT submit returns.
  • A VAT number that helps you log in and apply for a VAT number.

Accounting Software

The available accounting software enables you to submit your VAT return directly to HMRC. This renders that online filing would not be required.

The good news is that HMRC has some software which you can use for this process. We advise you to keep track of any reference number you receive for future correspondence.

Most accounting software let you submit your VAT Return to HMRC directly. This means you won’t have to enter your figures separately in HRMC’s online service. HMRC has a list of software you can use to submit your VAT Return. Keep any reference number you receive as proof after you’ve sent your return.

Tax computation

Registration and computation submission of Taxes, in other words, is a statement that shows various tax adjustments made to the accounting profit. The figure that is deduced is called income after tax, which is taxable. The tax adjustments made include non-deductible expenses, capital allowances, receipts that are non-taxable and some other deductions.

Tax computations must be prepared annually before submitting the C-S/C form. You must be aware that the chargeable income is different from that shown in the company accounts. This is due to the fact that some expenses are tax deductible. Likewise, some income is not taxable or taxed separately, and you would also like to claim any capital allowances on fixed assets. You can also claim unutilized losses and deductions from previous years. These require special expertise and we have got it all.

The Types of Tax Adjustments

This is the general guideline for most companies when making the tax-related adjustments:

  1. Any non-taxable income must be deducted
  2. Any investment income is assessed as non-trade income and must be deducted
  3. Disallowable expenses are to be added

Tax Registration

There is a tax registration service available in every country for the services. You can register yourself and get the tax value for your business. Whether you are just starting up, or have been operational over time, do not worry as business startup accounting services are also what we offer. Our bookkeeping and tax services are the solutions to your queries.

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