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K2 Base Camp Trek | Hunza Guides Pakistan

Posted By Hunza Guides Pakistan Tours Trekking and Expeditions on 17-12-2018 1:48 AM

K2 Base Camp Trek | Hunza Guides Pakistan


K2 Base Camp Trek | Hunza Guides Pakistan Tours-2019

Base Camp and Gondogoro La Trek gives great views of four 8,000m peaks and is thought by many to be one of the best high mountain treks in the world. Some of the wildest and most dramatic landscapes on earth are found in the vast, rugged Karakoram Range situated in Northern Pakistan. Remote and spectacular, the icy peaks and vast Glaciers of the Karakoram offer unparalleled opportunities for adventurous trekking. The 62km long Baltoro Glacier is Pakistan’s number one trekking destination. Seven of the world’s twenty-five highest peaks rise above this glacier, while the lower reaches are surrounded by some of the world’s highest granite walls and spires.

Highlights of K2 Base Camp Trek-2019

  • Views of K2, Broad Peak, Gasherbrums, Laila Peak, Chogosila from the Gondogoro Pass
  • Walking in Concordia and the Baltoro Glacier
  • One of the world`s top 5 trekking adventures
  • Experience the picturesque Hushe Valley in Pakistan
  • Trek up to Godwin Austin glacier via Baltoro Glacier (5th longest and world’s largest outside the polar region)
  • View 8,000 m peaks including Gasherbrum 2 (8,035 m), Broad Peak (8,051 m) and K2 (8,611 m) from Goro II, Concordia & base camps.
  • Views of other peaks between 5,000m to 8,000m including Gasherbrum 3 and 4, Masherbrum, Mustagh Tower, Bakhordas Peak, Mitre Peak, Crystal Peak
  • Views of Glaciers (e.g. Biafo, Vigne, Liligo, Dunge, Muztagh, Biango, Mandu, Khalkal and more), glacial lakes and streams.

Map and Itinerary for K2 Base Camp and Gondogoro La Trek-2019

Day-01 Islamabad
Arrive at Islamabad airport transfer to hotel, afternoon welfare meeting with Alpine Club of Pakistan and city tour of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.
Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan located within the federal Islamabad Capital Territory. With a population of above two million, it is the 10th largest city of Pakistan, while the larger Islamabad Rawalpindi metropolitan area is the third largest in Pakistan with a population exceeding five million. The city is the political seat of Pakistan and is administered by the Islamabad Metropolitan Corporation, supported by the Capital Development Authority (CDA).
Rawalpindi is a lively, bustling city with the crowded streets and colorful bazaars, thorough it lacks the grand monuments; nonetheless, the bazaar should appeal to anyone with the desire to see the real Pakistan.

Day-02  Islamabad- Skardu
Fly to Skardu early morning one hour flight. (Flight is subject to weather) in case of flight cancellation drive to Chilas.
The stunning route of the flight takes goes through the major Himalayan mountain range and one can enjoy breathtaking views of world’s 9th highest peak, Nanga Parbat peak (8126m). Before landing the majestic K2 and other known peaks in the area would visible if we are lucky. Some might even be able to spot a part of the K2 Gondogoro La Trek route. After checking in at the hotel, visit to Skardu town, Old Bazaar, Kharpocho Fort, Italian K2 Museum & Handy Craft Shops.
In case of flight cancellation on day 2 Drive to Chilas via Babusar Pass or Karakorum highway
Babusar Pass is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 4.173 m (13,691 ft) above the sea level. The pass is the highest point in the Kaghan Valley, Pakistan. The pass connects the Kaghan Valley via the Thak Nala with Chilas on the Karakoram Highway. It’s one of the famous hair pinned roads in the world. Karakorum high way is 8th wonder of the world. The Karakorum Highway was constructed jointly by the Chinese and Pakistanis, begun in the 1960s and finally constructed in 1976,s as a link road between Pakistan and China. It is an engineering wonder, but at the cost of many lives

Day-03 Skardu
Free/preparation day in Skardu in case of flight cancellation on day 2 drive from Chilas to Skardu along with Indus River 8-9hrs 290km.
The rising of Indus stretches down to Baltistan valley from Tibet to Gilgit and down to the Arabian Sea, which cuts the Indian sub-continent from Asia; Baltistan valley is called a little Tibet in the North of Pakistan. Baltistan is situated at the last end of Himalaya, beside Deosai Plain and Satpara Lake. Baltistan the tourist destination of Mountains paradise where the world 2nd highest peak is K-2 (8611-m) and the other 8000m is Broad Peak, Gasherbrum I & II Likely 8068 to 8047m and there are many peaks 7750- 7800m. Its snowcapped peaks and long glaciers give you a spectacular view for climbers, trekkers and travelers.

Day-04 Skardu- Askoli
Drive to Askoli by jeeps via Shigar valley 6-7hrs 3000m, 113km. Meals & overnight in tents.
It is a spectacular drive from Skardu to Askoli; the jeep road crosses the Braldu River three times and passes the villages of Dassu, Apligon, Pakora, Hoto Chongo and Thongal.
There are hot Sulphur Springs just 20 minutes behind Thongal. Around the hot springs are copper colored stones known as Limpi Kiser (Kiser Fort) King Kiser was a mythical ruler with magical powers- dozens of legends tell of his exploits in Baltistan, Nagar andHunza valley. Our clients will visit Askoli museum & Askoli village.

Day-05 Askoli- Jhola
Trek to Jhola 6-7hrs 12.6km 3100m, Meals & overnight in tents.
The early morning light finds us beginning our K2 Base Camp & Gondogoro La trek as the Loads are distributed among the porters. Walking along the Braldu River. It takes 3 to 4hrs from Askoli to Korofoung. After lunch, continue to trek to Jhola (3-4 hrs) you have a panoramic view of Bakhor Das peak 5809m) also mighty Biafo Glacier. Follow the riverside trail to the confluence of the Biafo and Dumordo rivers. Cross the formidable Domordo River at Jhola which flows from the Panmah glaciers.

Day-06 Jhola- Paiyu
Trek to Paiyu 6-7-hrs 16.6km 3450m, Meals & overnight in a tent.
This is an undulating walk, difficult at times, with the first views of dramatic mountains ahead. There is a rest stop by some tamarisk trees beside the stream flowing down from Paiyu Peak, where we saw ibex tracks and fox spore. The trail climbs to a vantage point from which you see the snout of Baltoro Glacier and, in the far distance, a magnificent panorama of the Cathedral and Trango Towers and left of them, the unmistakable triangle of K2.

Day-07 Rest day
Free day for local exploration and Porter will prepare their food for further K2 Base Camp & Gondogoro La trek, Porters and clients sing and dance through most of the night.

Day-08  Paiyu- Khubertse
Trek to Khubertse 5-6hrs 10.8km 3990m. Meals & overnight in tents.
On our way to K2 Base Camp Trek, our clients will have a nice view of Paiyu Peak 6610m, Uli Biaho 6417m, Great Trango Tower 6286m, Lobsang Spire 5707m & the Cathedral Towers.

Day-09  Khubertse- Urdukas
Trek to Urdukas 3-4hrs 5.1km 4050m. Meals & overnight in tents.
Beautiful views of Great Trango & Uli Biaho Towers. The tail traverses the glacier angling gently towards its southeast margin. Exit the glacier into the ablation valley at Liligo. The route alternates between the lateral moraine and the glacier, heading out on the glacier to avoid the outflow from the advancing Liligo glacier.  Continue trek to Urdukas, named for the obvious split boulder. Camp with its extraordinary views of Paiyu Peak 6610m, Uli Biaho 6417m, Great Trango Tower 6286m, Lobsang Spire 5707m & the Cathedral Towers

Day-10 Urdukas- Goro-II
Trek to Goro-II [5-6hrs] 12.1km 4380m. Meals & overnight in tents.
Have a spectacular view of Masherbrum 7821m, Muztagh Tower 7284m, Biarchedi 6,781 Gasherbrum-IV 7925m.

Day-11 Goro-II- Concordia
Trek to Concordia 4-5hrs 9.2km 4650m. Meals & overnight in tents.
Today it is golden opportunity to see 7000m to above 8000m peaks including mighty K2 (8611m) Broad Peak 8047m, G-I 8068m, G-II 8035m Sia Kangri 7422m, Muztagh Tower 7284m, G-IV 7925m, Miter Peak 6025m Golden Throne 7240m.

Day-12  Excursion to K-2 and Broad Peak BC
Excursion to K-2 base camp 5135m and Broad Peak base camp, evening trek back to Concordia for overnight.
K-2 is locally known by the name of “Chogori” which means “ The Great Mountain “ 8611m, is the 2nd highest mountain in the world. K2 is placed on the Pakistan-China border in the mighty Karakorum Range. K-2 is rocky mountain up to 6,000m, beyond, which it becomes an ocean of snow. K-2 was firstly discovered and measured by the survey of India in 1856, and first named for English topographer Henry Godwin-Austen, who explored and surveyed the region and it, was firstly climbed on July 31, 1954, by Italian climbers team led by Ardito Desio and accompanying him were Lino Lachdelli and Achille Compagnoni.

Day-13  Rest day
Rest day for photography or local exploration. On this day our clients can move around the Baltoro glacier to explore the surrounding peaks.  K2 (8611m), Board Peak (8047m), Gasherbrum (7925m), Miter Peak(6025m), Marble Peak (6256m) Golden Throne (7240m)  can be seen from Concordia.

Day-14  Concordia- Ali camp
Trek to Ali camp 9.5 km 5010m, Meals & overnight in tents. The first two hours of the trek are difficult as we leave the Concordia and traverse the Baltoro Glacier and its crevasses. It’s a comparatively easy and gradual walk over snow and ice, Mighty Chogolisa (7665m) stands guard in the south. Ali Camp (5010m) a combination of small rocky platforms between the cliff Face and crevasse. We turn in early, as we have a midnight wake-up call for the departure over the Gondogoro La.

Day-15  Ali Camp- Hispung
Trek to Hispung after crossing Gondogoro La Pass 5680m. Meals & overnight in tents. We leave camp at about 1:00 am to climb the Gondogoro La (5680m). For the first two hours, we walk on the lateral moraine to avoid crevasses. As we get closer to the pass we shift on snow until the base of the pass. The final ascent involves a steep walk on snow and, depending on conditions, the use of fixed ropes as well as crampons and ice ax. The views from the top of the pass are unparalleled, with K2, Broad Peak, Gasherbrum I to IV, Masherbrum, and many other mountains appearing at our level. The descent on the Hushe side is steeper, requiring good balance on the rocks.

Day-16  Hispung- Daltsampa
Trek to Daltsampa 3-4hrs 6.8km 4300m, Meals & overnight in tents. As we leave Hispung, we make a long traverse of the Gondogoro Glacier, first encountering small crevasses, then hiking over the soft ice of the Glacier. The last half-hour is a pleasant stroll through wildflowers, with Commanding views of the Gondogoro Glacier, Yermanadu Kangri (23,495 ft.) Masherbrum South (25,604 ft) and the Masherbrum La Camp at (13.980 ft) by two small lakes

Day-17  Daltsampa- Saicho
Trek to Saicho 3-4hrs 3330m via wild roses, Cedar and Tamarish Bushes to Saicho. Meals & overnight in tents.
We gradually leave the icy landscapes and descend to the meadow and pastureland at Saicho (12,300 ft.). Although we’ve left the icy wilds, we still have tremendous views of the mountains, including Namika Peak and Defokhar (21,464 ft.).

Day-18  Saicho- Hushe
Trek to Hushe 4-5hrs 9.3km 3050m. Meals & overnight in tents.
Descend to the Gondogoro River, enjoying spectacular views of K6 (23,881 ft.), K7 (22,744 ft.) and Link Sar (23,094 ft.). We continue to descend, passing through small summer settlement en
route to the green irrigated fields at Hushe (10,500 ft.), The Hushe valley runs from Masherbrum Mountains (at 7821 meters) the 24thhighest in the world, first climbed by the American in 1960. South to the Shyok River, opposite Khaplu, Hushe, the last village up the valley, is about 140 kilometers east of Skardu and is the starting point for treks to various summer pastures up five glaciers.

Day-19  Hushe- Skardu
Drive to Skardu (6-7 hrs), Meals & overnight in tents

Day-20  Skardu Islamabad  or Chilas
Fly to Islamabad [flight is subject to weather] in case of flight cancellation drive to Chilas 8-9hrs 290km

Day-21  Islamabad  
Free day in Islamabad of a drive from Chilas to Islamabad 11-12hrs 461km 

Day-22  Flyback   
Transfer to Islamabad airport for return flight

  • In this venture, we assure you a quality time. Hunza Guides is one of the parent tour and trekking companies in Pakistan. K2 base camp and Gondogoro La Trek is one of the finest trekking you can find on planet earth. Please do not hesitate to Contact Us or click on the next tab for further details.


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