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Posted By Escrow Consulting Bookkeeping Services in Islamabad Escrow Consulting Group on 12-06-2019 7:50 AM


Financial Statements Preparation at Escrow Consulting Groups brings you QuickBooks bookkeeping services, accountancy services and virtual bookkeeping solutions at your doorstep. You don’t need to look any further for outsourced bookkeeping services, we bring you affordable bookkeeping in a complete package. Worry no further about the preparation of your financial statements.

We understand that the preparation of financial statements is the fundamental step in the accounting cycle. The financial statements include:

  1. Balance sheet
  2. Income statement
  3. Statement of retained earnings
  4. Statement of cash flows

These documents are the essence of financial accounting. The reason for this is that financial reporting exists to provide useful information to external users.


Preparation of financial statements is dependent on the nature and type of your company. While some statements require footnote disclosures, others don’t. The ultimate purpose of the financial statements is what determines their preparation. Our experts are keenly committed to the preparation of financial statements while ensuring arithmetic and periodic correctness.


Our online bookkeeping services can help you with audit as well. As we are your outsourced accountant at Escrow Consulting Group, we understand the need of bookkeeping services for small business in today’s world.

Auditing is the process in which any aspect of a business is reviewed and investigated. The aspects may or may not be financial. The auditors we have are fully trained and help spot any area that needs immediate attention. The issues covered include:

  1. Human resource policies
  2. Operational procedures
  3. Quality and safety policies
  4. Accounting cycle audit

As such, we serve you by bringing you the most professional bookkeeping services.

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