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Pest Control in Karachi ₨ 1999

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Address Flat # 503, 3rd Floor, Anum Empire, Hassan Squar, Karachi, Pakistan
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Termite control services in Karachi

The threat of termites remains to the whole word, it does not depend on the location of your house, and 70% of the world has threat of termite attack. Termites are considered to be the most severe threat to your residence.  In Pakistan termites grow easily because of the suitable climatic conditions and the presence of wood furniture in large quantity.

If the weather does not worn down the wooden furniture the termites will attack the wood. No matter how many preventive measures you make the termites attack your home. Termites detect wood easily and this is the source of food for them, if your house has enough wood then termites will detect it. It is not easy to find out about presence of termites in the beginning stages, as the time passes termites start affecting your residence. Some main entrance points for termites are the pipelines, opening in walls, and cracks in foundation.

They also enter from the point where wall and floor meet.  There are king and queen which usually give birth to the colony of termites, queen reproduce and live for almost 30 years. The queen lays about 1000 eggs in a year and this how the colony grows. Workers of colony are designated to find food; soldiers have to defend the colony.


As the termites grow older they move from one place to another and each male female attempt to make a colony. Termite control mainly has two methods which we use, pre construction and post construction. In Pre construction the fumigant is sprayed in foundation of the house, before making floor, and in between the outer areas of plot and the assembled area. Post method is very simple; it is done by drilling holes with depth of 15-18 inches at space of.2-3 feet. Pour the solution in these holes so that it creates a barrier inside, all the holes must be sealed after conduct.

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Flat # 503, 3rd Floor, Anum Empire, Hassan Squar, Karachi, Pakistan Karachi, Sindh Pakistan

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