Fiber Optics Training (Professional) TELECOM TRAININGS - 2G, 3G, 4G Diplomas Certifications rawalpindi islamabad lahore quetta peshawar


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Fiber Optics Training (Professional) TELECOM TRAININGS - 2G, 3G, 4G Diplomas Certifications rawalpindi islamabad lahore quetta peshawar

Fiber attenuation measurement, Fiber dispersion measurement, Fiber
reactive index profile measurements, Fiber cut-off wavelength
measurement, Fiber numerical aperture measurements, Fiber diameter
measurement, Mode-field diameter for single mode fiber, Reflectance
and optical return loss, Field measurements.
Application and Future Development : Public network
applications, Military application, Civil consumer and Industrial
application, Optical sensor systems, Computer applications LAN.
IPATS affiliated with SDA, SDC, TTB Government of Pakistan.
also have affiliations from International Bodies like ISO, Nebosh, Icertosh etc. We are providing education regarding almost every field of Technical Courses, like HSE, IT,

In this course you will get to learn Telecom Applied Diploma under the supervision of experienced instructors who focus on the concepts and make you a professional in the respected field. Our training focuses on the key elements, concepts and terminologies associated with RF service lifecycle management. We will help you to become a professional so that you can achieve high ranks in the related field and IPATS certification will help you get better jobs around Pakistan. Telecom Applied Diploma Training introduces the student to:

• Telecommunication Basics
• Safety Requirement of Work Sites
• Telecom Power System Installation
• Telecom cables and interface standards
• Fundamental of Internet Protocol
• Outside Plant-Cable Network Construction
• Radio Tower / Mast and Antenna System Installation
• Installation of Equipment in Buildings

ENGINEERING, MANAGEMENT, MEDICAL etc. The vision of is: establishing unique identity by development of high quality human and knowledge resources in diverse areas of technologies to meet local, national, and global economic and social need and human society at large in self-sustained manner. "

The mission of is to train and transform young men and women into responsible thinking engineers, technologists and scientists, to motivate them to attain professional excellence and to inspire them to proactively engage themselves for the betterment of the society
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Core Courses and Topics in Telecommunications Engineering:
Analog and Digital Communications
Switching and Automata Theory
Computer Systems and Network
Satellite Transmission
Probability and Statistics
Fiber-optic communications
Legal and Regulatory Issues in Telecommunications
Telecommunications Network Management
C Language Programming
Engineering Ethics
Mathematics for Engineers
Fundamentals of Mechanic Topics include: Electric quantities, electric circuits, Kirchhoff's laws, circuit elements, resistance, series parallel combination, voltage and current dividers, resistive bridges and ladders, practical sources and loading, instrumentation and measurement, nodal analysis,loop analysis, linearityand superposition, source transformation, circuit theorems, power calculations, dependent sources, circuit analysis with dependent sources, the operational amplifier, basic op-amp configurations, ideal op-amp circuit analysis, summing and difference amplifiers, amplifier types, capacitance, inductance, natural response of RC and RL circuits, response to DC forcing function, transient response of first order circuits, step, pulse and pulse train responses, first order op-amp circuits, transient response and step response of second order circuits.

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Fiber Optics Course (Specialization)
Telecommunication Engineering Diploma in Rawalpindi Pakistan 03035530865

Module 01: Basic Electricity
Module 02: Basic electronics
Module 03: Telecommunication Fundamentals
Module 04: History of Fiber Optic Technology
Module 05: Introduction to Fiber Optics
Module 06: Light Propagation through Optical Fiber
Module 07: Classification of Optical Fiber and Optical Fiber Cables
Module 08: Optical Fiber Cable Installation and Restoration
Module 09: Jointing, Splicing & Connectorization
Module 10: Testing and Fault Localization of Optical Fiber Cables
Module 11: Computer Application

Module 01: Basic Electricity
Electrical Measuring Instruments
DC Fundamentals
AC Fundamentals
Module 02: Basic electronics
Number System
Logic Gates
Module 03: Telecommunication Fundamentals
Definition and concept
Major parts of a telecommunication network
Transmission modes
Transmission methods
Voice Transmission System
Transmission techniques
Module 04: History of Fiber Optic Technology
First optical communication
Invention of Optical telegraph
Development of fiber optic image scrambler (1954)
First fiber optic company “MOSAIC FABRICATION”
Demonstration of LASER
Fiber optic decades
Module 05: Introduction to Fiber Optics
Structure of optical fiber
Advantages of optical fiber
Disadvantages of optical fiber
Symbols and terminologies used in optical fiber industry
An overview of optical fiber applications
Module 06: Light Propagation through Optical Fiber
Concept of light
Nature of light
Light windows
Index of refraction and refraction of light
Methods of optical confinement
Transmission losses
Module 07: Classification of Optical Fiber and Optical Fiber Cables
Classification of optical fibers on the basis of fiber optic material
Classification of optical fibers on the basis ofpropagation methods
The Classification of optical fiber Cables on the basis of cable core structure
Classification of optical fiber Cables on the basis of area of application
Module 08: Optical Fiber Cable Installation and Restoration
Guidelines for optical fiber cable installation
Types of cable installations
Handling of optical Fiber cable
Duct Installation
Direct burial
Methodologies for the establishment of optical fiber cable links
Air Blown Fiber (ABF)
Methodologies to install aerial cable
Laying of submarine cable
Restoration of Optical fiber cable
Module 09: Jointing, Splicing & Connectorization
Fiber optic jointing methods
Preparation and cleaving of optical fiber cable
Types of Splicing
Mechanical splicing
Fusion splicing
Single fiber fusion splicer
Fusion splicing technology
Optical fiber connectors
Connectorization methods
Common single mode & multimode connectors
Fiber Optic connector polishes
How to protect the splices?
Termination techniques in OFDFs
Types of OFDFs
Module 10: Testing and Fault Localization of Optical Fiber Cables
Introduction (Test & Measurement Techniques)
Types of testing
Fiber optic test equipment
Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR)
Fault localization in optical fiber cable
Module 11: Computer Application
Introduction to Computer: End-User Point of View
Word Processing
Spread Sheet

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Fiber Optics Training (Professional) TELECOM TRAININGS - 2G, 3G, 4G 3035530865

Module 01: History of Fiber Optic Technology
Review of fiber concept from old ages.
Who was the pioneer of “Light guiding principle”?
Turning of light pipe concept into practicality.
Discovery and invention of cladding concept to realize TIR theory.
Historic overview of laser developments.
Low loss Single mode & Multi-mode fiber manufacturing synopsis.
Brief historical review of fiber manufacturing techniques development.
Commercial launch of fiber optic systems.
Module 02: Introduction to Fiber Optics
Optical fiber structure analysis.
Major advantages of fiber optic technology.
Symbols and notations used in optical communication.
Committees dealing with the standards used in optical technology.
Applications and future trends of fiber optics.
Module 03: Optical Fiber Manufacturing & Structure
Production of Silica Glass through Deposition.
Perform manufacturing methods and their comparison
Module 04: Light Propagation through Optical Fiber
Light windows used for optical communication.
Laws of Reflections & Refraction along with their role in light propagation.
Methods to confine light in fiber.
Mathematical light journey through Single mode fiber.
Types of rays according to propagation patterns.
Module 05: Classification of Optical Fiber and Optical Fiber Cables
Design consideration and optical fiber classification based on material & propagation.
Advance single mode fiber designs.
Classification of optical fiber cables on the basis of materials and structure.
Design considerations to manufacture cables based on applications.
Module 06: Signal Hazards over Optical Fiber
Input coupling losses at source.
Fiber losses due to medium (Attenuation & Dispersion).
Output coupling losses at receiver.
Module 07: Optical Fiber Cable Installation and Restoration
How the optical fiber cable installation can be categorized in different types?
Optical fiber cable installation guidelines.
How to handle cable during duct & direct buried installation?
Methodologies to establish fiber optic cable spans in the field.
Cable restoration techniques and typical causes of cable failures.
Equipment and tools used in restoration.
What are the important safety concerns in optical fiber handling?
Module 08: Jointing Splicing & Connectraizaition
Methods used for jointing optical fibers?
Why do we need splicing? What are the requirements of a good splice?
What issues affect Splice Performance?
Splicing techniques (Fusion & Mechanical) and their features.
Fiber alignment methods in fusion splicing i.e. (PAS, L-PAS & LID) and factors that influence splicing.
Mechanical splicing process and commonly used types.
Ideal connector features and techniques used in connectraizaition.
Commonly used connectors and their assembly processes.
Connectraizaition vs. splicing comparison.
Splices protection techniques.
Types and techniques used in jointing closures & OFDFs.
Module 09: Test and Measurement Techniques
Test and measurement techniques?
Testing & measurement equipment used in optical fiber systems.
How T&M equipment like Power Meter, Light Source, Visual Fault Locator,
Optical Loss Meter and OTDR works?
OTDR basic features, working & different traces and interpretations in OTDR.
How to choose good T&M equipment
How to perform optical bandwidth and dispersion testing?
Module 10: Fiber Optic System Design Considerations
What are important considerations in optical system design?
How optical link loss budget is made flavored with work examples?
Topologies used in optical fiber networks.

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