Experience based Diplomas 1 & 2 Years and DAE 3 Years Diploma Courses Programs Experience based Regular,Fast Track & RPL System

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Experience based Diplomas 1 & 2 Years and DAE 3 Years Diploma Courses Programs Experience based Regular,Fast Track & RPL System
Address 2nd Floor Yasir Plaza Khanna Pul Rawalpindi US


Diploma’s 1 & 2 Years and DAE 3 Years Diploma Courses Programs Experience based Regular,Fast Track & RPL System -Tel: +92 303 5530 865 & +92 321 9606 785

Engineering and Technical
Information Technology
Medical Courses
Professional Courses
Marketing Courses
Law Courses
Hotel Industry
Fashion & Media
Management Courses
Banking Courses
Educational Diplomas
Engineering and Technical
Electrical Engineering
Electronics Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Civil Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Metallurgical Engineering
Petroleum & Gas Engineering
Mining Engineering
City & Regional Planning
Computer Science
Computer Engineering
Mechatronics and Control Engineering
Building & Architectural Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Transportation Engineering
Geological Engineering
Polymer Engineering
Product & Industrial Design
Power Engineering
Thermal Power Engineering
Mechanical Design Engineering
Production Engineering
Hydraulics & Irrigation Engineering
Soil Mechanics & Geo-Technical Engineering
Structural Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Water Recourses Engineering
Water Sanitation
Water Management
Chemical Engineering
Metallurgical Engineering
Telecommunication Engineering
Manufacturing Engineering
Engineering Management
Integrated Building Design
Geological Engineering
Built Environment
Industrial Engineering
Health Safety Engineering Environment
Fuel Engineering and Energy Technology
Foundry Technology
Metallurgy & Material Engineering
Polymer Engineering and Technology
Environmental Sciences
Petroleum Exploration
Computational Physics
High Energy Physics
Solid State Physics
Mountain Conversation and Watershed Management
Space Sciences
Microelectronics Engineering and Semiconductor Physics
Corrosion Engineering
Aircraft Maintenance Engineering ? Mechanical
Architecture Technology
Automation Technology
Chemical Technology
Civil Technology
Computer Information Technology
Computer Technology
Electrical Technology
Electronics Technology
Food Processing and Preservation Technology
Food Technology
Glass Ceramics and Pottery Development Technology
Instrument Technology
Leather Technology
Mechanical Technology
Information Technology
Information Technology
Software Engineering
Computer Applications
Operating System (Win XP/Linux)
C ++ (OOP)
Hardware Installation & Trouble Shooting
Data Structure
Graphics & Architecture
Corel Draw & Adobe Photoshop
3D-Studio Max
E-Commerce &Web Development
HTML, FrontPage
Dream Weaver
ASP (JavaScript)
Databases Management Systems
System Analysis & Design
Database Concepts
Networks & Communication Systems
Data Communication
Computer Networks
Web Designing
Web Design & Development

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Tel: +92 303 5530 865 & +92 321 9606 785
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Medical Courses
Pharmacy and Bio-Medical Sciences
Paramedic Studies
Medicine and Medical Biosciences
Dental Surgery
Dental Sciences
Dental Hygiene
International Dentist Education
Medical Sciences
Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Medicine and Medical Biosciences
Occupational Therapy
Paramedic Studies
Pharmacy and Bio-Medical Sciences
Dietetics and Nutrition
Emergency Health Sciences
Occupational Therapy
Physical Therapy
Physician Assistant Studies
Public Health
Public Health Administration
Public Health Nutrition Management
Philosophy in Nursing
Applied Physics
Applied Chemistry
Food Science & Technology
Inorganic Chemistry
Health & Human Sciences
Health Administration
Molecular Biology
Applied Psychology
Microbiology & Molecular Genetics
Mycology and Plant Pathology
Physics with Computer Science
Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Clinical Psychology
Emergency Medical Technician
Fitness and Nutrition
Health Education
Medical Assistant
Medical Laboratory Assistant
Medical Office Administration
Medical Office Assistant
Medical Office Management
Medical Office Specialist
Medical Receptionist
Medical Transcriptionist
Nursing Assistant
Medical Administrative
Medical Education
Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics
Clinical Nutrition
Communication Ophthalmology
Dental Hygiene
Dental Technician
Diagnostics Radiology
ECG Technician
Medical Laboratory Technician
Nursing Assistant (Male / Female)
Patient Care Dispenser / Technician
Pharmacy Technician
Sports Medicine
Ultrasound Diagnosis
X-Ray Technician
Hospital Administration & HRM
Community Health Management
Pain Management
Medical Terminology
Health Care Administration
Health History
Human Diet & Nutrition
Abnormal Psychology
Cognitive Psychology
Consumer Psychology
Forensic Psychology
Gender Issues in Psychology
Health Psychology
History and Systems of Psychology
Organizational Psychology
Personality Psychology
Positive Psychology
Social Psychology
Stress Psychology

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Tel: +92 303 5530 865 & +92 321 9606 785
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Professional Courses
Textile Processing Technology
Textile Engineering and Technology
Natural and Construction Materials
Plant Breeding, Genetics &Molecular Biology
Soil & Environmental Sciences
Product & Industrial Design
Youth and Community Work
Insurance and Risk Management
Practical Discipline
Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC)
Quantity Surveyor
Shoe Designing and Modeling
Civil Surveying
Civil Drafting
Auto Electrician
Auto Mechanic
Plumbing a Sanitary Fitting
Construction and the Built Environment
Environmental and Land-based Studies
Manufacturing and Product Design
Health Safety and Environment
Marketing Courses
Specialization in Marketing
Marketing Strategies
Marketing Research
Research Methods
International Marketing
Marketing Management
Business Administration with Major in Marketing
Sales, Marketing and Distribution Management
Business Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Competitive Marketing Strategy
Modern Marketing Technologies
Customer Relationship Management
Advertising, Sales Promotion and Public Relations
Internet Marketing Management
Logistics Marketing Management
Sales and Marketing
Sale Management

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Tel: +92 303 5530 865 & +92 321 9606 785
Contact: (Ufone=331) . 5 1 . 4 5 6 o 1
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Law Courses
International Trade Law
Taxation Law
Labour Law
Intellectual Property Law
Environmental Law
Banking Laws
Marriage, Family and Family Laws
Banking Finance Law
Commercial and Corporate Law
Common Law
Comparative and Foreign Law
Competition Law
Computer and Communication Law
Corporate and Securities Law
Criminology and Criminal Justice
Economic Regulation
Environmental and Natural Resources Law
Comparative and International Dispute Resolution
Trade Mark Law and Practice
Intellectual Property Law
Media Law
Public Law
Tax Law
Public International Law
Legal Theory and History
Law and Development
International Business Law
Human Rights Law
European Law
Economic Regulations
Equality and Trust
Family Law
Insurance Law
International Dispute Resolution
Maritime Law
Medicine Law
Procedural Law
Mercantile Law
International Immigration Law
Income and Sages Tax Law

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Tel: +92 303 5530 865 & +92 321 9606 785
Contact: (Ufone=331) . 5 1 . 4 5 6 o 1
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Hotel Industry
International Hotel Management
Executive Hotel Management
Hospitality Management
Fundamental of the Hotel and Catering
House Keeping and Accommodation
Front Office Operations and Administration
Food and Beverage Management
Hotel and Catering Law
Accounting, Purchasing and Cost Control
Human Resource in Hospitality
Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism
Economics & Hospitality
Organizational Behavior and Hospitality Management
Environmental Management in Hospitality Industry
Hotel Operational Management
Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism
Tourism and Hotel Management
Travel and Tourism
Hotel Management
Hotel Operation Management
Hotel Reception Management
Hotel Catering Management
Hotel Food Quality Management
Hotel Event Management
Fast Food Management

24/7 Whatsapp/Line Support
Tel: +92 303 5530 865 & +92 321 9606 785
Contact: (Ufone=331) . 5 1 . 4 5 6 o 1
Web: www.ipatsedu.com
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