Senior Relationships

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Senior Relationships


Majority of the married couples do not live with the senior person present around. Is it bad or good? Well, it depends on lots of factors.

If we compare east and west culture we will find out that both the cultures have different theory about marriage as an institute. There is no doubt that both cultures have high respect for seniors or specifically old people.

The main question is when couples are getting ready to marry should they kick out spouse’s parents or should they go for joint-family system? Well, again it depends on many factors. For example,

  • Not having tolerance and accommodating of accepting other parents
  • Not having manners on how to speak with the elders
  • Not understating senior mood and behaviors

Eastern Culture

Eastern culture is a joint-family driven so there is no doubt that the elderly citizens are a major part of a household. Children might be living either as a respect of their parents or to save money in the long term. However, there is an increasing proportion of senior citizens living either in the old-house or elderly homes. These elderly do not have much of savings left in their retirement period. So, they have to rely on their offspring.

Western Culture

You will be surprised to know that in western culture during current economic crisis, young generation is going back to live with their parents. However, there is a catch and it is not for their respect but to actually save money. Many young people either married or unmarried during high unemployment time are cutting back their expenses. Once they were used to share rooms with younger person and now they have to adopt and share the culture with their parents.

Regardless of any culture, the point to be noted is that if you take out an experienced person from the team then how long will you use your own brain? You have to use the skilled common sense and intellect rather than wasting time and other financial resources. Moreover, at the same time, the senior citizens must understand that any person at its peak age must be empowered by privacy and let the young people wander on their own.

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