Recruitment Services for Saudi Arabia, recruitment agencies in saudi arabia recruitment agencies in saudi arabia, recruitment agencies in saudi arabia riyadh

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Recruitment Services for Saudi Arabia, recruitment agencies in saudi arabia recruitment agencies in saudi arabia, recruitment agencies in saudi arabia riyadh


Recruitment Services for Saudi Arabia
When it comes to overseas employment in Saudi Arabia, Al Saqib Recruitment Group is considered as the top international recruiting agency in Pakistan, we provide best recruitment services for Saudi Arabia. Serving the country’s employment sector for over three decades, we have learned a great deal about the employer demands, workspace culture, and the overall employment landscape in Saudi Arabia.

Industries We Serve in Saudi Arabia
As one of the top recruitment consultants in Saudi Arabia we cover all major industries.The Saudi economy is highly diversified, with key industries including oil and gas, petrochemicals, mining, metals, and manufacturing. The government is also investing heavily in renewable energy and infrastructure development. This provides plenty of opportunities for job seekers with the right skills and qualifications.

Oil and Gas Recruitment Agencies in Saudi Arabia
The oil and gas industry is the largest contributor to the Saudi economy, accounting for around 50% of GDP. The sector provides employment for a large number of people, with around two-thirds of the workforce employed in the oil and gas industry from inside and outside Saudi Arabia. Being among the top manpower agency in Saudi Arabia, Global Alsaqib recruitment group work with the top oil and gas companies in Jeddah, Riyadh and other major cities of Saudi Arabia. We recruit the best candidates according to the job specifications of our client companies.

Healthcare Recruitment agencies in Saudi Arabia
As a top recruitment and staffing agency in Saudi Arabia we at Global Alsaqib Group are responsible for sourcing and placing healthcare professionals in various roles within the Saudi healthcare system. As a recruitment consultancy firm in KSA we work with both local and international candidates, and are experienced in matching the right candidate to the right role. As a human resource management in Saudi Arabia we have a good understanding of the Saudi healthcare system, and we offer valuable advice and guidance to candidates during the recruitment process. There are alot of jobs in Saudi Arabia for females espcially in healthcare system. We have recruit many Pakistani doctors and nurses in major cities of Saudi Arabia like Jeddah and Riyadh

Teacher Recruitment agencies in Saudi Arabia Riyadh 
As a leading manpower recruiting agency we at Global Alsaqib Group can assist those looking for teaching positions in the country. As a top Saudi Arabia recruitment consultants we have good relationships with schools and universities across Saudi Arabia and can help to secure interviews and job offers for our clients.

Domestic Workers and Maid Recruitment Agency Saudi Arabia
Being the top manpower consultancy service providers, Global Alsaqib group provides domestic workers and maid recruitment in Saudi Arabia. We provide reliable services to our clients in Saudi Arabia according to their needs and demand.

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