Overseas Recruitment Agency in Pakistan for Malta

Posted By Falisha Manpower Falisha Manpower on 04-10-2021 10:30 AM

Overseas Recruitment Agency in Pakistan for Malta


Malta Recruitment 
Are you looking for a reputable Malta recruitment agency? Falisha Enterprises International Recruiting Group provides the most dependable workforce recruitment services. We are primarily a Pakistani firm located in Ahmedabad, but we have offices in a number of foreign places to assist applicants in those countries in their job hunt.

With the breadth of our offerings, we’ve become one of Malta’s most popular employment companies. Due to the development of our service area, our firm also serves as a recruitment consultant in Leicester.

We are also included among the finest recruiting consultants in Malta. We have extensive experience sourcing manpower and serving some of the world’s most prestigious industries at Falisha Enterprises International Recruitment Group. We create the ideal match between the most qualified and capable people and the top industries with a variety of employment positions to offer.

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