Is Amazon Available for Online Shopping in Pakistan

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Is Amazon Available for Online Shopping in Pakistan


Amazon is a world-leading e-commerce platform that allows thousands of brands and individual sellers to sell their products online. They have also ventured into many different technology domains and expanded have extensively expanded their portfolio in recent years. Pakistan, on the other hand, has been booming eCommerce market where the volume of online purchases doubles every year. A recent report has revealed that around 80% percent of people living in urban areas of Pakistan has made an online purchase during the last year. 

Despite the growing online consumer base, there are still many challenges faced by both leading online shopping websites in Pakistan as well as online consumers. 

Having no flawless standard operating procedures, most of the online marketplace customers are exposed to a higher risk of losing money through online shopping scams. There are many people who can be found complaining about their bad online shopping experience where they were shown something and given different or low-quality products. 

Although few online shopping websites have earned a good reputation to be reliable, many internet users are reluctant to make online purchases. 

The eCommerce giants like Amazon and eBay who are trusted by millions of online buyers are not operating in Pakistan yet. So there is a huge gap that is filled by a few renowned websites like,, and, etc. So if there is no Amazon in Pakistan yet. But if there is no Amazon yet in Pakistan, can you directly buy their products and request it to sip in Pakistan?

Well answer to this is no Amazon does not ship products to Pakistan; however, some individual brands and sellers might be interested in shipping your desired products. But it will be costly perhaps may cost you up to twice or even thrice than the same product available on local market places like and . Therefore, even if any amazon or ebay seller is willing to send their products to Pakistan, it might not be feasible for you to do so.

Are there any chances of Amazon coming to Pakistan?

Pakistan`s booming online shopping market is definitely very attractive for all eCommerce players however, We don’t have any reason to believe that Amazon will directly enter in Pakistani market. However, they may soon acquire any online marketplace and enter through it. We have recently heard the big news of Amazon acquiring, in UAE. The same can happen in Pakistan, however, it highly depends on the online marketplace how much they grow and can become worthy of attracting big giants who might be interested in acquiring it.


Which Online Shopping websites in Pakistan are alternative to Amazon?

If you want to know a reliable online shopping website that works then you must explore following online shopping websites as these are authentic and offer good customer support

  • Launched in 2012, has quickly become the leading online marketplace in Pakistan.
  • Launched recently, it is one of the biggest online shopping in Pakistan with thousands of products on offer. With the surety of high quality products and a money-back guarantee, customers can easily buy the required and get it delivered at their home. 
  • It is one of the earliest websites in Pakistan offering online shopping facilities. It offers good customer service and after-sale support as well. 
  •, This e-commerce marketplace is offering a vast variety of products to the customers from last more than ten years. It also has a brick and mortar store for the customers to visit. 
  • operated by TCS ltd, a well-known courier company. It promises quick delivery of items with the assurance of high quality.

Can I buy from Amazon in Pakistan?

Yes, you can definitely buy directly from Amazon in Pakistan, but keep in mind that there will be huge shipping costs involved as well as in case of any returns or replacement it will again require you to spend on courier charges. On the other hand, there might also be custom charges applicable on items that you buy from Amazon in Pakistan. Therefore, we would suggest you to prefer online shopping in Pakistan from the websites that we have listed above.

Can I Sell on Amazon from Pakistan?

As Amazon is not available in Pakistan, we may not directly sell through it however you may still opt for Amazon fulfillment service. If you are looking for products in Pakistan to sell online you may check for the different businesses that can provide you more information type of products that they can offer you. However, it is always important that you get proper information on all aspects of the business before starting. 

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    Amazon is the worlds best online shopping platform but unfortunately it operates through third party in Pakistan and facilitate Pakistanis citizen. Similarly in Automobile Industries many organizations give facility to purchase vehicles online. i.e Kia Motors Port Qasim and many others.

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