How to Get a work Visa in Saudi Arabia?

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How to Get a work Visa in Saudi Arabia?


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1. Initial Documentation: Passport, Good Conduct Certificate, and Academic Qualifications

Securing a work visa in Saudi Arabia begins with essential documentation. Applicants must possess a valid passport, a good conduct certificate from their home country, and provide translated academic qualifications in Arabic.

2. Verification Process: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Embassy Authentication

Documents must be submitted to the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for verification, often involving authentication by the applicant's embassy in Saudi Arabia.

3. Medical Checkup and Biometrics: Hepatitis, HIV, and Fingerprinting

Applicants are required to undergo a comprehensive medical checkup, including tests for hepatitis and HIV. The results are transmitted to the Saudi Criminal Evidence and Information Department, along with the provision of fingerprints.

4. Arrival and Residence Permit Application: Ministry of Labor

Upon receiving work permits, employees can enter Saudi Arabia. Within seven days of arrival, applicants must apply for a residence permit through the Ministry of Labor, submitting the necessary documents outlined in the relevant section.

5. Commencement of Work: Working Legally with Residence Permit

With the obtained residence permit, individuals are authorized to commence their work in Saudi Arabia. Working without the necessary permits is strictly prohibited, and permits can be renewed on a case-by-case basis.

6. Financial Considerations: Costs of Work Permits

Obtaining a Work Residence Permit in Saudi Arabia can be a significant financial commitment. However, many companies typically cover these expenses on behalf of their employees. The cost structure may include fees for employment entrance visas and additional charges for converting them into Work Residence Permits.

7. Renewal and Changes: Online Residence Services Platform

Employers can utilize the government's online Residence Services platform to renew or change work permits. Applications for renewal can be submitted three months before the existing permit expires. Fees vary based on sponsorship categories, with corporate-sponsored employees eligible for stipends.

8. Post-COVID-19 Landscape: Evolving Work Environment

The global changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic have transformed the process of moving to Saudi Arabia for work. New quarantine conditions and policies reflect the "new normal" in the international work landscape.

9. Types of Work Permits: Business, Work, Family Residence, and GCC Resident Visas

Saudi Arabia offers various types of work permits catering to diverse needs, including Business visas, Work Visas, Family Residence Visas, and GCC Resident Visas.

10. Visa Issuance Status: Family and Tourist Entrance Visas

As of the latest information, Saudi Arabia has resumed the issuance of family and tourist entrance visas, aligning with revised travel regulations and COVID-19 recommendations from health authorities.

11. Processing Time: 2-4 Weeks

The processing time for a Saudi Arabian work visa typically spans 2-4 weeks. Applicants are advised to stay informed about the latest regulations and requirements throughout the immigration process.

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