How to get a job in Dubai?

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How to get a job in Dubai?


How to get a job in Dubai?

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, UAE is a place where tradition meets modernity. It witnesses year-round tourism and is famous for its skyscrapers and vibrant infrastructure. Apart from this, UAE is well-known for its high living standards, great work environment, safety, and impressive salaries.  

But, these attributes are not the only reason Dubai is such a crowd-puller for employees. The UAE’s steady growth over recent years has made working their valuable experience on the CV. After a couple of turbulent years after the pandemic, UAE’s job market is booming once again. The demand for foreign workers in various sectors is increasing such as areas of the digital market, IT, and project management. 

The industries such as security and investigation, marketing and advertising agencies, and the healthcare industry are also headhunting foreign manpower and are ready to fill the gap by hiring from abroad. Increased flexibility by employers is also witnessed in past years who are willing to pay more in order to secure the best talent and retain that key talent. As Dubai generates thousands of vacancies for job hunters on daily basis, this quick guide will run you through the most important steps and information on how to secure a desired job in Dubai for foreigners.

Major industries to work in Dubai, UAE
With the strong growth of the economy in recent years, the demand for foreign recruiting in UAE is on the rise. Major industries hiring foreign workforce in UAE include:

Boat building and ship repair
Teaching field
Construction industry
handicrafts and textiles companies
Human resources
Petroleum and petrochemicals.
Registered Nurse
Cybersecurity Analyst
Human Resources Officer. 
Compliance Officer.
Many of the above sectors progressing at a great pace and salaries are expected to continue to rise.

How to get a job in Dubai?

Research the job market in Dubai UAE
Research and investigate the job openings available in the Dubai job market. There are many different portals that can help you find lists of companies and their business requirements in Dubai. Not all job markets are ready to hire foreign employees. The demand for manpower recruiting within the following sectors is also high demand 

Content Coordinator
Back End Developer
Data Scientist
Business Development Associate
E-commerce Coordinator
Apply online for jobs in Dubai
As companies take time to respond, it is best to apply for the job prior to leaving for Dubai. To get a better idea of the companies that are hiring in Dubai, start looking at online job websites and which positions they offer. Some good websites for finding jobs and internships include:
Khaleej Times Jobs
Work on your CV
In the fierce job market nowadays, making your mark and standing out is crucial. Your online presence can be extremely beneficial and influence your success while looking for a job. Get yourself online and boost your online activity by creating a LinkedIn and creating an engaging resume. 

The most important tool while applying for a job is your CV. Prepare a focused CV or a Resume with a proper cover letter. Highlight your important skills, experience, qualification, and visa status on your cv. Post about your hobbies to display a bit of your character. Dubai’s job market is extremely competitive. and on average, a recruiter spends only six seconds checking out your resume. 

Get specific for job opportunities in Dubai
While looking for a job opportunity in Dubai, you need to adopt a very targeted approach. Apply for the roles that are in accordance with your qualification and experience. Do not apply for jobs that you are not qualified for. If you can’t demonstrate the relevant skills and specific experience required for that particular role, do not apply. Hiring managers see such applications as a sign of a candidate who lacks focus.

Get the visa and work permit
If you intend to work in the UAE  you’ll need a work visa. you cannot work on a visit or a tourist visa.  It is easy to obtain one if you are hired by a Dubai company. In this case, you’ll need to be sponsored by an employer. Once you’ve accepted a job offer,  your employer will apply for a residency visa on your behalf. You will be able to get a work permit from the Ministry of Labour. You’re not entitled to work without this permit. Work permits and employment visas usually last between one and ten years.

Another option is to enter UAE on a visitor or tourist visa for your job search and then transfer your visa status once you’ve found a suitable job. Most visitors to Dubai aren’t required to obtain a visa ahead of time, it will be issued to you upon arrival.

Documents needed to obtain a work permit include:

Proof of work contract
Application form
Emirates ID card
Valid passport
Passport photos
Medical check and health certificate documents
Entry permit.
Don’t forget to cancel your work visa before permanently leaving the UAE. Failure to do so can lead to you being reported as an absconder, resulting in your arrest if you return to the UAE.

Get a health card
While your work visa is being processed, you are required to submit your medical records, passport copies, photo, job offer letter, and visa application to the Department of Health and Medical Services.

At the moment, UAE doesn’t allow any foreigner carrying diseases like HIV or Tuberculosis to reside in the emirates. So for this, you’ll have to get a blood test done to rule out any such disease. Once all your tests are fine, you’ll be issued a health card, which is a requirement for foreign workers to work in Dubai.

Residency visa
Finally, you’ll need a residency visa, which will be issued to you by Dubai’s General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs. You can apply for it online or you can go to the AMER center in person. You will have to fill out a form and provide your passport,  health certificate, medical records, original entry permit, passport photos, a copy of your work permit, and the receipt from your work permit processing.

With your work visa, health card, work permit, and residence visa in hand, you’re good to go to legally start working in Dubai.

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