Here’s Your Guide to Foreign jobs in Saudi Arabia

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Here’s Your Guide to Foreign jobs in Saudi Arabia


In Saudi Arabia, finding a job is generally done before you arrive. Even though the nation began providing tourist visas in September 2019, employment visas are still the most common kind of visa issued in Saudi Arabia. The current effort to diversify Saudi Arabia’s flourishing economy has resulted in a slew of new employment possibilities, but with the push for Saudization, foreigners may find it difficult to find work in the kingdom.

You’ll be given a visa once you’ve found a job, gone through the interview procedure, and been granted a contract. After you’ve decided to migrate to Saudi Arabia with your potential employer’s sponsor, the following step is to settle in. Families are usually accommodated in most contracts, but be sure that dependents will be given visas as part of the contract.

How is the labor market in Saudi Arabia?
Saudi Arabia is a lucrative location to work for expats, and it is well-known for positions in the oil business, which remains a major employer. Saudi Arabia’s economy, however, is shifting to other profitable industries as a result of its expanding population, huge cultural and social growth, and in accordance with the national Vision 2030.

The Desert Kingdom is home to more than 10 million immigrants. The majority of them are from Southeast Asia and work as manual workers. In addition, it is projected that 125,000 foreign citizens from Western countries work in Saudi Arabia.

While it is not the simplest nation to find employment in, if you have a high degree of skill and experience, there are lots of job possibilities in Saudi Arabia. Engineering (primarily in the oil industry), IT, healthcare and medical, banking and financial services, education (especially for women), telecommunications, and construction all employ a large number of expatriates.

Changing Trends of Jobs in Saudi Arabia
Today, the Kingdom is looking for more international investment rather than foreign labor. Again, ambitious infrastructure and building projects, such as NEOM, a cross-border, high-tech metropolis in Tabuk, Northwestern Saudi Arabia, are creating new business and job possibilities. Cinemas, concerts, and festivals are no longer prohibited, thus the entertainment industry is in great demand.

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