Best Drilling Crew Provider in Pakistan

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Best Drilling Crew Provider in Pakistan


Teleport Manpower Consultant is one of the leading offshore and onshore Drilling Crew provider in Pakistan for both senior and junior level. Teleport is providing both facilities for crew staff payroll and recruitment for domestic and international clients with a wide range of drilling experience in the oil industry. 

Teleport Manpower Consultant is expert in providing offshore manpower supply and Onshore manpower supply not just in Pakistani but in other countries as well.

So if you’re going to invest in the oil industry then you definitely need to understand the importance of rig drilling in this industry. As we are the best Rig Manpower Services provider in Pakistan, we’ll provide a complete guidance for you. Then you will be able to decide which Manpower company is best suitable for your drilling requirements.

Drilling Rig is a unified system that drills wells like oil wells or water wells in the earth’s subsurface. On the other hand, Rig is the complex equipment that is used in the process of drilling to penetrate the surface of the Earth’s crust.

Drilling for oil contains breaking through different layers of the earth’s surface to approach deposits of hydrocarbons. 

Being the top Drilling crew manpower provider in Pakistan, we professionally deal with both Onshore Drilling & Offshore Drilling. 

Onshore Drilling Vs Offshore Drilling
Oil drilling splits into two main categories which are offshore drilling and onshore drilling. The location of the drilling is the most obvious difference, Offshore oil drilling takes place off the shore in sea waters whereas Onshore oil drilling takes place on the dry surface of Earth. The two types of drilling vary in other areas like cost, profits, timelines for drilling and various drilling processes.

These two types of drilling have certain advantages over the other, but both are vigorously used to extract oil to meet the high requirements of the world. When you’re going to invest in the oil industry then it’s important to  understand the differences between both drilling types helps you make better decisions about your investments.

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