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Back Pain Therapy in Pakistan

Back pain can be triggered by bad posture while sitting or standing, bending awkwardly, or lifting incorrectly. Upper back pain and Lower back pain can be caused by variety of problems with any part of the complex, interconnected network of spinal muscles, nerves, bones. Back pain treatment goals are pain relief and restored movement. Back pain therapy or exercises may helpful. Advanced Pain Center has been providing effective and innovative pain management solutions.

Cancer Pain Treatment in Pakistan

Most cancer pain is caused by the tumour pressing on bones, nerves or other organs in your body. Sometimes pain is related to your cancer treatment. Cancer pain is usually treated with drugs that are called analgesics. The following Anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and herbal medications can help for cancer patients; Stem Cells Therapies, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Magnesium injection, Zinc injection and Folic Acid injection. Advanced Pain Centers provides the most latest and special Embryonic solutions for cancer pain.

Sciatic Pain Treatment in Pakistan

Sciatic pain is a medical condition of pain going down the leg from the lower back. This pain may go down the back, outside, or front of the leg. Sciatica symptoms are only on one side of the body. About 90% of the time sciatica is due to a herniated disc pressing on one of the lumbar or sacral nerves. Sciatica treatment includes sciatica exercises, compression packs, pain killers, injections and physiotherapy. Advanced Pain Center has been providing effective and innovative pain management solutions.

Ozone Therapy Center in Pakistan

Ozone therapy is a form of alternative medicine treatment that purports to increase the amount of oxygen in the body through the introduction of ozone. This therapy has been proposed for use in various diseases, including cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s dementia, Lyme, among others. One proposed mechanism for its use in treating cancer comes from the proposed theory that cancer does not thrive or grow in a high-oxygen environment, and the ozone therapy will increase oxygen in the body and therefore help in cancer treatment.

Botox Therapy Center in Pakistan

Botulinum toxin (BTX) is a neurotoxic protein produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum and related species. It is also produced commercially for medical, cosmetic, and research use. Botox is used for a number of medical problems. When injected in small amounts, it can effectively weaken a muscle for a period of three to four months. It is used in the treatment of spasms and dystonias. Our experienced Dermatologist will help the people with latest and advanced cutting edge technology and products.

Brain Scanning Center in Pakistan

Scans generate images of the brain for the purpose of diagnosing tumors. ...The most common scans for diagnosis and follow-up are magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computerized tomography (CT).Advanced Pain Center give the facility of brain scanning.

465-G3 Khokhar Chowk Johar Town, Lahore Lahore, Punjab 54000 Pakistan

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